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<p data-mce-fragment="1">Dog treats featuring Marksbury organ meats!<br><br>From the manufacturer:<br><br>We've developed our dog treat recipe to honor the deep imprint our dogs make in our lives by giving them daily goodness in the form of a nutrient-dense treat. Our specially crafted formula (developed in our very own kitchen) utilizes organ meat, specifically heart in this blend, from pasture raised cows.  The organs are often considered as "waste" products, but as a rich source of vitamins, protein and fatty acids, hearts are anything but waste! Combined with sweet potato--the only other ingredient--dogs simply devour these treats and gain wonderful health benefits. We hope these treats will foster a daily ritual of delight for you and your canine best friend.<br><br>Dog Jerky Treats come in strips in 4 oz. bags.<br><br>Strips are designed so you can break off bite-size treats or feed the entire strip.  Dogs love the flavor, and the treats make a wonderful way to celebrate the profound love we share every day with our furry family members!</p>